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What do you want to know?

I have done some reading and Internet searching to try to prepare for these adventures. However, what I’ve found is that the guidebooks for this endeavor are out of date and not necessarily helpful anyway. The last one was published in 1999, and I can’t seem to find a copy at a library anyway (which [...]

Commence Planning Procedures

Okay, actually I did this weeks ago. But here is a picture of a map of Utah with all the county high points and summits marked with a pushpin. I’m pretty proud of this map. It’s not exactly easy to find all of these spots. I’m also trying to decide how to fill this blog [...]

To Be Continued…

The grand idea? Climb to the highest point and/or summit in each of Utah’s counties. Some will be easy. Some will not. This attempt will commence in the summer of 2010. We expect it will take several years.