What do you want to know?

I have done some reading and Internet searching to try to prepare for these adventures. However, what I’ve found is that the guidebooks for this endeavor are out of date and not necessarily helpful anyway. The last one was published in 1999, and I can’t seem to find a copy at a library anyway (which makes me skeptical about it’s content).

The County Highpointers’ website has a good deal of information about the points, but not necessarily a detailed description of the hikes or areas. Chris and I have decided that while we do this, we should make the information available to others, and an updated guidebook that includes GPS coordinates would be immensely helpful.

On our summits or high point trips, we plan on documenting our adventures in the following ways:

Driving directions
Taking pictures
Making a track or recording numerous waypoints via GPS
Topo map with our trek noted
Journals and notes on the hike or on what the area is like
Water source info as appropriate
Other options for approach to the summit, if there are any

Do you have any other ideas of how we should document the adventures?

We will be geocaching along the way, and will probably make note of it, but won’t include them as part of the ‘official’ record.

Also, this is really a different topic, but as it involves supplies I’m going to include it here. There are a number of these places that will require a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle to avoid an additional 10+ miles of hiking. We’ve got a semi-high-clearance Ford Ranger, and an all-wheel drive Subaru, but we know what we really need is a Jeep Wrangler. We don’t have the funds to just go buy a Jeep, so part of our planning will have to include trying to either convince friends to go with us or letting us borrow their Jeep. For those points around Moab we can rent a Jeep for our excursions. Any ideas on other way to get a Jeep when we need one?

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