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The daunting peaks…

The two highest peaks in our endeavor seem almost impossible at this point. Their height and difficulty are daunting to me, as they are longer hikes than I’ve ever attempted. As we gain experience and get into better and better shape working our way through the other summits, I hope these two peaks seem more [...]

Three Peaks = Six Counties

There are three summits in Utah that are shared as high point/summits (both in all of them) by two counties each. Delano Peak is the highpoint of both Beaver and Piute counties. I’m excited about this as a number of people have mentioned they have seen a herd of mountain goats in the area. One [...]

Goal #2: Utah’s 100 Highest Caches

As if the goal of hitting all of Utah’s highest peaks/high points was not a big enough challenge, we are also keeping an eye on the 100 highest geocaches in the state of Utah.  Fortunately, most of the peaks we’re planning on visiting also include one or more members of the 100 highest caches. As [...]

Is the summit the high point?

The highest point in any given county is not necessarily a summit. The highest point may be on the side of a mountain that actually summits in another county. This is the case in two Utah Counties. In Wasatch County, the highest point is 10,840 feet on the side of Murdock Mountain. The summit of [...]