Three Peaks = Six Counties

There are three summits in Utah that are shared as high point/summits (both in all of them) by two counties each.

Delano Peak is the highpoint of both Beaver and Piute counties. I’m excited about this as a number of people have mentioned they have seen a herd of mountain goats in the area. One also mentioned seeing a bear, which doesn’t leave me quite as excited.  There are several places to begin this hike, all relatively easy to get to and each a 2 or so mile hike from parking. One approach begins at the semi-existent Elk Meadows Ski Resort, which if you live in Utah you know has been up for auction in the last couple of weeks. It’s new ownership may dictate the starting place for Delano Peak.

Eccentric Peak (also called Chepeta Peak) is the high point of Daggett and Uintah Counties. This is another peak I’m excited about. There are two benchmarks on the mountain. A good part of the hike is above the timberline, and so may be cold, but from the top, you also get a good view of King’s Peak, the highest peak in Utah and what will be one of the last county summits we attempt due to it’s intensity (and will be discussed later in greater detail). If the roads are good, you can drive to a decent trailhead on either the north or the south side of the mountain. According to the SummitPost description, the two trailheads are 3.5 miles apart as the crow flies, but driving between them takes 7 to 8 hours because there are no roads going through the Uinta mountains!

David County and Morgan County share Thurston Peak as their highest summit. This should be a relatively uneventful peak. At 9,706 feet, it’s one of the lower county summits in Utah. It’s not very far away, and while 4-wheel drive is suggested, it’s not absolutely mandated. The only question on this peak is that there is not necessarily a defined trail, however it is supposed to be really easy to summit regardless.

Utah has 29 counties – so if you consider the 3 summits shared by two counties each, that is 26 summits, plus the two counties where the high point and summit are not the same, that makes 28 places on our list.

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